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Unlock your reader’s potential, one lesson at a time

Empower your struggling reader with the online version of our proven workbook. Manage progress, track performance, and breakthough in reading.

An Enhanced Workbook Experience

Effortlessly manage students, print worksheets, track progress, and take notes - all in one place.

Perfect for Home and Classroom

Whether guiding one learner or a classroom of struggling readers, our program offers personalized, comprehensive phonics education for every student.


Print over 150 skill-building worksheets and decodable stories

Whether in a classroom setting or for at-home learning, our worksheets and stories make learning engaging and effective.



Review comprehensive instructions for every lesson and exercise

Step-by-step explanations on teaching and proper error correction, ensuring you’re well-prepared for every lesson.


Multisyllable Decoding

Featuring the easy-to-use OnTrack Reading Multisyllable Method

Our unique decoding strategy for multisyllable words teaches students to break longer words into chunks and test vowel sounds in order.

Multisyllable Decoding

Simple pricing for parents, tutors, and classrooms

Seamless phonics education at any scale – one workbook, multiple group sizes


Solo Reader

Ideal for parents or grandparents, with all the workbook resources for one student.

  • 1 student
  • 150+ lesson worksheets
  • Detailed lesson instructions
  • Phonics skills testing


Small Group

Perfect for reading rooms, families, or tutors to teach up to four students at once.

  • Up to 4 students
  • 150+ lesson worksheets
  • Detailed lesson instructions
  • Phonics skills testing



Tailored for larger educational settings to teach and manage up to 20 students.

  • Up to 20 students
  • 150+ lesson worksheets
  • Detailed lesson instructions
  • Phonics skills testing

Start your workbook today with 7 free lessons

Register for immediate access to initial student testing and the first seven Advanced Code Phonics Workbook lessons.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Have other questions? Email us at [email protected].

    • What do you mean by beta software?

      Beta software is a near-complete version released for testing, to find and fix bugs before expanded release. We may choose to limit the number of new users after a certain number of sign-ups.

    • How is this different from the printed Advanced Code Workbook?

      The content is the same. This online version pre-packages lessons to match our Scope and Sequence.

    • Should I buy a printed workbook instead?

      In many cases, yes. The online version has extra features, but you may find the all-in-one workbook more convenient.

    • What extra features are included online?

      In addition to pre-sorted lessons, the online version offers test scoring and note taking across multiple students.

    • How many lessons are included?

      The first seven lessons are available free when you create an account. The full course includes 42 lessons and more than 150 worksheets.

    • How long does it take to finish?

      The time will vary based on the student, but 8 to 16 weeks is the typical timeframe for completion.

    • How does the student limit work?

      Pricing is based on maximum students at once – from one up to 20. If a student finishes, they can be archived to make room for a new student.

    • Can I generate reports?

      Not yet, but we plan to add new features and make improvements based on your feedback. A User Feedback link can be found in the upper right after creating an account.